Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

These are the boot disk contents for all versions of Windows 98.

Browse to the version of Windows 98 you need files for, and simply choose the file to download.

If you are looking for an entire boot disk, visit and download the disk you need.

It's that easy!

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Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

What a life saver! I've been having a real nightmare with a friends Pc!!

Great site, it's perfect for ready to CD Iso or you can download the contents and make up of your own!

Brilliant! Consider yourself Bookmarked!

Many Thanks.

Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

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Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

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Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

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Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

This is really a good site!
if some file is corrupt or accidently removed you can simply download it here!

well.. tnx

Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

nirnalrinal ilaja ian iaj .wararea.

Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

Fantastic website here chaps. Far better than, especially the ability to view and download specific files.

Awesome work, keep it up.

Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

on bosnian: Strasna stranica hvala najljepsaaaa

on english hehehehehehe: god site, wish you goog luck with it!!!! keep on going this way!!!

Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

Thank you guys so much, spent at least a day searching the interwebs for specific files needed. This site's going straight in my bookmarks

Re: Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents

no comment

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