MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

These are the boot disk contents for all versions of MS-DOS.

Browse to the version of MS-DOS you need files for, and simply choose the file to download.

If you are looking for an entire boot disk, visit and download the disk you need.

It's that easy!

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Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

Quick question:
Did you verify the contents of these files?
(Your DOS 6.22.exe file does not work. Thought I would let you know.)
(Neither does your 6.22-5.25 On any source of floppy)
(Your individual files do not function. Independently or otherwise.)

Your versions are incomplete. Your filesizes are inconsistent with the original releases of these files (WOW That was alot of research, but found a friend with the original disks. They will be mailed to my residence).
I am not new to this DOS thing. But for those that are, please tell them that they will need to have Windows Millenium Version installed to use these files.
Personally, I am going back to my Commodore64. It is a little more advanced.


Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

I didn't check all these disks, but those which I did - they work fine. Not sure where your problem is.

Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

Thank you

Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

thx a lot

Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

i want to downloadc boot disk i am having a cd here with me

Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

ta chida su web algo asi estaba buscando...
x fin lo encontre muchos tanxs

ms dos 6 floppy disks

hey recently my ms dos 6 floppys died and wouldnt boot anymore i was wondering if you had a ms dos 6 floppy that i could use files from

Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

Thanks for this fine webpage man :-) i was looking for label.exe

Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

works for me..I wasa hoping to install Dos from this CD but having the tools..I could just copy the contents onto a dos partition

Re: MS-DOS Boot Disk Contents

Definitely I have been looking for these types of post which delivers a positive efforts of links to downloading the whole version of entire boot disk.
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