Which file should I download?

Good question!

We offer two types of boot disk images, depending on your needs. The contents of these disks are identical, so you will only need one or the other.

Automatic Disk Image
These files should be used when you just need to create a bootable floppy disk as fast as possible. You simply download the file you need, and double-click on the .exe file. You will have a boot disk in no time!

Diskette Images
These files are identical to the Automatic Disk Image, but they are cross-platform. Basically this means you can use these Diskette Images on Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD, etc.

These Diskette Images are perfect for Virtual computing using products such as VMware Player, VMware Server, VMware ESX, and Microsoft Virtual Server.

You should use the Diskette Images for a Virtual Machine.

How do I use these Automatic Disk Images?

It's easy! To use these images, download the .exe file to your PC
Once the file has
been downloaded, simply double-click on the downloaded file.
Insert a floppy disk into your PC and follow the on screen instructions.

If you would like step-by-step instructions visit the how to page.