How to create a boot disk

  • Download the appropriate boot disk for the operating system you are trying to repair. Save this file to your desktop.
    • Free download of dos 6.22.exe emergency startup boot disk. Free downloads.


  • Once downloaded, double click on the .exe file you saved to your desktop
    • DOS 6.22.exe


  • Click OK to the Thank You message
    • Thanks for using Free download of Microsoft Windows emergency startup boot disk. Free downloads.


  • You are now prompted to insert a floppy disk. This will become the boot disk. If the disk is not empty you will be alerted, and all data on that floppy will be removed and replaced. Click OK
    • Insert floppy to write
    • Disk in not empty, all data on your disk will be lost.


  • Once the disk creation process begins you will see a progress indicator. When the progress bar reaches 100% the disk is complete and can be used.
    • Formatting and writing an emergency startup boot disk.

Common Errors

  • If the floppy you are trying to use is no longer good you will be presented this message. You will have to use another floppy disk in order to complete the process.
    • Disk error on track. Free downloads.


  • If you have any explorer windows open (My Computer, A:, Windows Explorer) the disk creation can not take place. Please close all My Computer windows and try again
    • Floppy can't be acceded.

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Re: How to create a boot disk

There is only one site where you can get it:; but, only after paying the $$$$

Re: How to create a boot disk


Re: How to create a boot disk

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Re: How to create a boot disk


Re: How to create a boot disk


Re: How to create a boot disk
here you can download any o/s with or without iso image .
First you have to download UTORRENT and your internet speed should be greater than 256 kbps and not to be dialup

Re: How to create a boot disk

you're retarded... and utorrent are both very legal resources. Using them to download or giving people instructions how to download illegally obtained information and source code is most certainly against the law, but it seems to me that the previous poster only suggest downloading utorrent. So, I see no grounds for deleting his post, quit overreacting to every little thing.


Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such birlilnat posts.

Re: How to create a boot disk

And You, Sir... Are a JERK and a COWARD !

#1) For calling someone "retarded", when you have NO IDEA as to their intelligence quotient.
(I am surmizing that YOURS may not be all that elevated, due to the content of YOUR post)

#2) For hiding your true identity behind the 'anonymous' mask.

We had AH's like you way back in the BBS, FidoNet, and ARPAnet days of the internet, and we SHOULD have taken care of the problem THEN, but the majority wanted to be accepting of ALL types of people, and NOW we are paying dearly for it. Perhaps regulation of 'the internet' is NOT all a bad thing - at least it would do away with your ilk.

Stop creaming your jeans by being mean and hateful online, and GET A LIFE !
If I wanted to make a completely unfounded accusation of YOU, I would say that you are one of the camp that contribute to the massive amount of SPAM we have in the internet now...

Have a Great Day!


Re: How to create a boot disk

Awesome. ;)

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