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Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

Thanks a lot! Congratulations for software

Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

I bet you haven't heard of windows neptune.

Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

Actually, Neptune is not a Beta of Whistler. Yeah sure you work at MS sure sure. Neptune is a beta of an OS that never came out back in 1999 which would have been the first home version of the NT. And there is no beta of whistler, it is all based on Windows 2000.

Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

Where can I find Windows Neptune. I'm collecting lost operating Systems.

- n7style

If you understand the german language, you can visit my website at or Thank you very much

Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

Ich würde mit Ihnen muss hier überprüfen. Welche ist nichts, was ich normalerweise tue! Ich bekomme Vergnügen beim Lesen eines veröffentlichen, machen Individuen denken kann. Darüber hinaus ermöglicht dank für mich zu bemerken! xyj

Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

I have copies of beta windows 95 disks for sale... (blackbird beta 1 build 144f, beta 2 and others)

contact me via Google Plus if interested...


Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

Kinda ironic that no one seems to know about Win '96 or '97 either... The last time I had to prove it was to my boss- I was the Head Tech @ Innovative Computers, & he'd never heard of 'em said he even talked w/ somebody @ MS & they said they didn't exist. So I had a friend of mine bring me his '96 & brought my copy of '97 that came with my old PC I bought from Sams Club- It's always fun to see the look on your boss's face when he craps a brick because he finaly realized after 60yrs in the field some kid 1/16th his age knows more than he does, but I gotta give him props for trying & as a person was pretty cool.

The specs were

(HP Pentium 2- 266Mhz w/MMX, 24 MB Ram 33K modem) for about $800, I Later dropped in 768MB 133Mhz ram, a 56 K-flex Modem, & 2 Voodoo 2 64MB Vid cards SLI-'d I could play anything even Unreal Tournament with no lagg @ all... Those were the days! (I'm glad Nvidia bought them & revived SLI too) I've been building Custom Systems for a few years, now I want to play with a Nvidia Tesla!

Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

I highly doubt you or anyone you know ever bought a PC from Sams Club or anywhere else in the world that included Windows 96 or Windows 97. They were never officially released from Microsoft. Win'96 was called Memphis R1 Beta and Win'97 was called Memphis R2 Beta. They were officially released nearly a year later as Windows 98. I was 19 years old in 1996, I had been building home computers for nearly 7 years by then and I was known in town on the local bulletin boards (I'm sure you don't even know what one of those are) as the go to guy for pirated software. I managed to get my hands on ever BETA operating system of Microsoft's at the time. I even had a copy of Microsoft BOB, an operating system geared toward children at the time.

Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

Just so you know the history of Windows 95 - Windows 98 Second Edition.

Development of Windows 98 began in the 1990s, initially using the codename "Memphis"[4] to refer to the product. Many builds were released or leaked, starting with build 1351 on December 15, 1996 and ending with Windows 98 Second Edition.

Version Number Date Description Released as
4.10.669 1996 First build of codename "Memphis"
4.10.1132 June 16, 1996 Very early Alpha of Win98, basically Win95 with small differences. Windows Memphis Pre-Alpha
4.10.1387 June 30, 1997 First beta Windows Memphis Beta
4.10.1602 December 15, 1997 The first build to upgrade from Windows 3.1x. Windows 98 Beta 3
4.10.1691 April 3, 1998 Expired on 31 December 1998 Windows 98 Release Candidate
4.10.1998 May 11, 1998
May 15, 1998
June 25, 1998 Final version Windows 98
4.10.2222 April 23, 1999[8] Windows 98 Second Edition

The startup and shutdown sounds of Windows 98's final version was composed during circa September 1997 and were first featured in the Beta 2.1 (build 1602) in October that year.

Re: Order replacement CD from Microsoft

You have a copy of "BOB"? That is awesome! I actually had a copy, many many years ago. Somehow I lost it in my many moves. Now that I am MUCH older, i have been trying to find it. Thanks for the memories!


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