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These are the ISO boot disk images available from AllBootDisks.

Download the ISO image you need, and if you need assistance creating a bootable CD from this image, visit the how-to page.

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Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

We need a bootable CDROM allbootdisk DOS boot disk that can recognize and read NTFS file systems.

I am trying to upgrade the bios on my PC, by booting to a cdrom boot disk, and then running the bios update files from the dos prompt of my XP professional harddrive, but my harddrive in NTFS format, not FAT32.

As such the Allbootdisks ME CDROM does not recognize it as a formated harddrive because its in NTFS.

Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

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Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

here you go
@echo off
set RAMD=
set CDROM=

echo Preparing to start your computer.
echo This may take a few minutes. Please wait...


if errorlevel 255 goto no_ramdrive

if not errorlevel 3 goto no_ramdrive

goto do_shift

if errorlevel %1 goto no_shift

set cdrom=%2
if not %1*==* goto loop
goto no_ramdrive

set ramd=%2

if "%RAMD%"=="C" goto c_drive

goto success

echo Windows Millennium Edition has detected that drive C does not contain a valid
echo FAT or FAT32 partition. There are several possible causes.
echo 1. The drive may need to be partitioned. To create a partition on the drive,
echo run FDISK from the MS-DOS command prompt.
echo 2. You may be using third-party disk-partitioning software. If you are using
echo this type of software, remove the Emergency Boot Disk and restart your
echo computer. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to start your computer from
echo a floppy disk.
echo .
echo 3. Some viruses also cause your drive C to not register. You can use a virus
echo scanning program to check your computer for viruses.
goto success

echo The Windows Millennium Edition startup disk could not create a temporary drive
echo for the diagnostic tools. This may be because this computer has less than the
echo minimum required extended memory.

Normal and NoRAM differences?

What is the difference between the normal and noram iso images?

Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

when i boot my VM of windows ME, 2000, 95 ISOs in virtualbox, why does it have a DOS prompt and nothing else. what do i do to get the systems to "activate"?

Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

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Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

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Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

What do I type to start Windows 95?

Re: AllBootDisks ISO Image Downloads

Good Work ! I build some Virutalized Hard drives of older Windows systems! Thanks for sharing!

Thx dude


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